Training camp
BASTIONS can be used to create custom training grounds. It is possible to design the square in the form of a maze, which can be used as:

- a training ground to simulate melee with firearms; ;
- training area for training with a pistol;
- universal shooting range.

Safety barriers do not require a foundation or concrete, and a simple filling material is used to build them. There are no requirements for the creation of protective earthworks, as the bastions will ensure the safety outside the training area. Existing enclosures can be used to fill safety barriers.

MIL modules can be moved and continuously updated. This provides an opportunity to change the training scheme and make the staff training process more productive and qualified.

By removing the traditional earthworks, landfills will take up significantly less space, allowing only a small part of the area to be used to form training structures.

The traning camp depot can be created from the following products:

BASTIONS are used at national military ranges around the world.

Mounting speed and proven effectiveness make protection technology the most effective for ballistic barriers. 3 people with the right equipment can build a wall 30m long and 2m high in less than 2 hours.

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