The climate is changing rapidly, and the weather becomes absolutely unpredictable, which makes the offensive peaceful and safe regions vulnerable to various kinds of natural disasters. Flood one of the most devastating natural disasters. To reduce the number of victims and potential damage to infrastructure, a rapid disaster response plan or mechanism is needed as well as possible ways to limit floods. A fast, efficient solution minimizes infrastructure damage and provide control.

BASTIONS have become one of the most widely used safety barriers in the last 20 years. on time. This product can be found in the warehouses of flood control organizations around the world. BASTIONS protect against flooding in the harshest conditions. They are effective in preventing tropical and seasonal floods.

The defensive bastion is made of welded, galvanized metal mesh hidden in a sturdy, waterproof in polypropylene fabric.
Bastions can fill with sand, earth, stones and any other material found on the ground. Barriers and protective walls can be effective used in military operations as well in peacetime, to protect people property, infrastructure and the environment from a wide variety of natural and human threats.
  • effective flood defense;
  • easy to install;
  • reusable;
  • low consumption of human resources;
  • cost-effective and durable;
  • easy to obtain the necessary aggregate - earth, sand, gravel.
Unlike sandbags, a bastion that is up to several hundred meters long can be expanded and prepared to be filled with sand in a matter of minutes. In 20 minutes, two people and a front loader can prepare a guard wall equivalent to 1,500 sandbags and ten people for 7 hours of work. Stability and speed distinguish bastions from similar fortifications.

By placing the bastions on top of each other, it is possible to build any protective wall in the shortest possible time. The unique design, durability and flexibility of BASTIONS make it easy to create a bastion on an uneven surface, as well as easily create corners and bends.

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